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12 February 1993
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hello to those who visits me. I am arastal from a country in asia known as singapore. i have multifandoms and its too much to name. In general, i enjoy listing to kpop,krock,jpop and jrock. I do read manga and anime most of the time and fanfics in the night. Admiring at beautiful and cute stuff is my thing and owning a bjd called masaou is my love. I do also have tumblr and blogger but i update more on livejournal. In this LJ, i update on anything with my five senses everday. I do write fanfictions but that is if you can find me ;3 I can also be found on facebook. Just type in "comic-freak@hotmail.com" and you can find me. Oh if u want someone to spazz about regarding FANDOMS,BJD,SUBCULTURE,MANGA,ANIME(coughYAOIcough) you can feel free to add me.

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