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17 October 2009 @ 12:51 pm

1. if you're a backstabber, don't bother adding me.
2. I don't comment/read ppl's LJ so don't blame me.
3. Do not spam below because I will not add you.
Due to personal reasons, I have to fully lock my account. I am a friendly and outgoing person from a tiny country called Singapore ;). I love TVXQ/JYJ/HOMIN and ship YUNJAE a lot. I don't care if the whole world hates on either sides because I will forever stand neutral and love this 5 boys equally. If you are one of those "cassies" who ship one-sided, please do not bother adding me, really. 

A side note, I am a fujoshi, aka a girl who fantasizes over YAOI. I'm not kidding when I mean this but I dont post explicit material on my LJ. I keep it PG because I have others who cannot handle homosexuals ;) To add on, I am an otaku but appear as a closet one most of the time. I do write fanfics too, mainly the pairing above, and none of my fanfics are posted here. This journal only contains REAL LIFE and FANDOM related. If you want to add because of fanfics, please do so at my other account ;)

Lastly, if my interest do match yours, do not hesitate to follow me on twitter I am sure we will have lot's of fun ^^. Just to let you know, I have read enough of anime and manga for the past 6-7 years of my life to entertain you :D

*twitter is filled with 60% fandom 20% animanga 20% real life. I am a twitter!whore, you have been warned.
**RL post are managed between blog and journal ^__^
Cheryl Arastal